Heritage for Medical Technology is dedicated to providing people, professionals and customers with the most unique products and the necessary information, guidance and medical technology needed to make empowered treatment and management decisions. By offering complete , but not complicated, up-to-date information, our purpose is to help those who are both new and old to these challenges, and to remain a powerful resource for years to come.


Good is not enough ....

Better is expected and Best is our Goal!

WE can’t change destiny But WE can change the Quality of life

Welcome to Our Company!

HMT is a privately owned company established since August/2006 and registered according to industrial and trade laws of Jordan under the registration No. 172529

HMT is moving with well defined goals and targets by our specialization in the most recent advanced discoveries that are related to our core of interest..

HMT is a Medical Device company. It is oriented towards sales, distribution and marketing, serving the global medical community with the most advanced technology. The range of products includes devices, instruments, consumables and other medical supplies in Ophthalmology, Aesthetic, General Surgery and Special Surgery.

" Think Global, Act Local".

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